Close Look at smart homes dimensions


When you considering to purchase a smart home or making your own, there is always a big question in your mind.


Your economic mind try to figure out the reason of every single dollar you pay. We are going to take a look at the benefits of having a smart home. b

Reduce energy usage

In our normal lifestyle we always forget things and this is something natural. When the darkness shows up, you need to turn on a light on every single place of your home and most of the times you forget to turn them off and in the end of the month you see a huge number downside of the bill. This problem is also happen on other parts of house that use the energy like heating and cooling systems. Most of the A/C systems includes a thermostat that control the system to reach your desire temperature. But as you know these devices are not completely accurate and also all the systems do not include such thing. So we always turn the A/C system on and we hold it until the temperature get to cold or hot. All these procedures cost you money and use energy.

But in a smart home, all these are different. In the nights, you just need to get into a place and the lights goes on by itself. They will remain on till you leave the room so they goes off. Maybe it looks not much effective but it can reduce the amount of your payment something about 25 percent and if you use more options of your smart home energy saving capabilities you can increase it to 30 percent.

The A/C system is also behave different. You set different set points for different times of a day and the system automatically keep the temperature. The system turns on as long as it reach the target temperature and the A/C turns off for a specific threshold. This procedure continues and reduce the energy usage of A/C system up to 30 percent. So as you see your smart home system act like a money making machine for you.

Comfort in Smart Home

The other benefit of having a smart home is the convenience to live in it. Thanks to the voice recognition technologies you almost capable to talk with your home. You can ask it to close the curtains or open the door. But let’s check this out with an example.

Imagine you sit in front of your TV and watching your favorite Netflix series and after a while you feel the lights are disturbing. In the same time the doorbell rings. In a normal life you need to left your place and your favorite TV show and turn the lights off then look who is at the door. But in your smart home you just ask your smart home to turn the light on and check who is at the door over your smart home and even open the door. So as you see everything in your smart home is like a piece of cake.

Luxury Living

Everybody like to have a luxury life. Live in a smart homes shows you the real meaning of luxury life. Everything in your home can control with your voice command. Even when you are not at home you can communicate with your home and check everything to be OK. Your home have a behavior not just like some pieces of bricks. Your home cares about you and your favorite things. Your home knows your favorite song or your mood to play the best one. Everything in a smart home is under your fingertips.

Writer’s Conclusion

In my very own experience different of a smart home and a dumb home is like to drive an S-Class or drive a 1995 Mercedes. Smart home changes your daily lifestyle. It also change your routings.  You feel like your house is a member of your family.